Pabellon Mies van der Rohe Barcelona

The use that is made of architecture in current advertising is undoubted. But more if it fits in the one that corresponds to the one destined to the vehicles. (We suggest that you pay attention and you will realize how in the vast majority of car advertisements they are always presented in a modern or avant-garde architecture setting, trying to send a clear message that allows the viewer to identify the architectural image with the It obviously helps that the car is mainly an element for urban use, linked to the city, so a favorable “setting” is always needed, but it does not always have to be that way). A concrete example was in 2011, a new model that Alfa Romeo launched on the market, called Giulieta. And the name of this car was not trivial, since it is a tribute to a car that seems to have been very successful in the 50s and 60s. The main question is that, for this last advertisement, it was used as a setting of the final image of the advertising spot a building, by Mies van der Rohe, built in… 1929 !!. (Known as the Barcelona pavilion, since it was the German pavilion at the universal exhibition in Barcelona in 1929) That is, To convey an image of modernity, advertisers chose a building that predates the old models of the new car that was being presented. In fact, if we look at the images of the old models and the new one, we will observe the great evolution in car design, while the architecture of Mies van der Rohe can still be considered modern, almost a century later, with which the reflection of This article reaches a double aspect: on the one hand, the already commented use of architecture in advertising, especially when you want to give a modern or avant-garde image. On the other hand, the indisputable enduring condition of the architecture itself and the fact that good design, which does not attend to fashions, precisely always remains in fashion.
This Mies van der Rohe design has been used in advertising a great number of times, with such disparate products ranging from the aforementioned vehicle to the latest watch model from a prestigious brand, proving that it is an advertising icon in itself. .