RGBArchitect was founded as an architecture studio after Ramón Gandía Brull, architect  who was graduated summa cum laude from ETSAV, and José Agustín Valls Roig, architect  who was graduated from ETSAV, formalized the collaborations which they had been making several years before.

Along with them, and over all this period, a team of independents professionals have been forming (architects, technical architect, engineers, and other different types of this sector professionals), prominent among them the regular collaborations with Enrique Jorro Valera, who is an architect graduated from ETSAV, and Xavier Navarro Martínez, who is architect graduated from UCH-CEU.

From this study design, it is aims to encouraging the individual freedom of each professional, keeping an ongoing argue on the decisions to be taken, both in the projects and in any matter concerning the study itself, thus trying to pluralize and enrich the outcome of those decisions to the fullest.

All of that with no overlooking the idea about forming part from a team.

Estudio de Arquitectura

Corporate philosophy

Regarding RGB Architects corporate philosophy, the answer is joint, forceful, and unanimous: it is based on the main key of each project is the client. An attempt is made to avoid the figure of the architect who imposes his criteria to let the client become the main character of the work.

Clients are the ones who finally will inhabit the spaces which we are going to build together with them. We let ourselves be guided by their needs, their dreams, and their criteria to, later, transform these into architecture.

So, this results in a wide variety of projects, each being unique, as it constitutes as a differential fact it has a different owner.

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Plaza Cánovas del Castillo 8, puerta 20 (46005)

Bétera/Torre en Conill

Plaza Verdum 5, (46117)


C/ Mare Nostrum 8, 2º (03590)


C/ Emancipación 28, 1º-1º (08022)


plaza Cánovas del Castillo 8, puerta 20 

Bétera/Torre en Conill

Plaza Verdum, 5


C/ Mare Nostrum, 8 – 2º


C/ Emancipación, 28 – 1º- 1º